The Trans Adriatic Pipeline will start near Kipoi on the border of Turkey and Greece, where it will seamlessly connect with the Trans Anatolian Pipeline (TANAP).  From there TAP will continue onshore crossing the entire territory of Greece and Albania from east to west all the way to the Adriatic Sea coast. The offshore part of the pipeline begins near the Albanian city of Fier and crosses the Adriatic Sea to tie into Italy’s gas transportation grid operated by SNAM ReteGas.

The TAP route will be approximately 870 kilometres in length (Approx.: Greece 550 km; Albania 210 km; offshore Adriatic Sea 105km; Italy 5 km). TAP’s highest elevation point will be 1800 meters in Albania’s mountains, while its lowest part offshore will be at 810 meters of depth.

Please, note that the above mentioned figures are estimations and can change as the project develops.

"Fly over" the TAP pipeline and see main sections and associated pipeline infrastructure along the route. Watch here >>

Route Surveys in 2009 - 2012

In 2009-2012 TAP conducted onshore and offshore surveys to identify potential obstacles on the route. As a result of these studies, optimal routing has been identified, which avoids densely populated and sensitive areas, such as National Hotova park in Albania and protected Natura 2000 habitat in Italy.

The comprehensive Environmental and Social Impact Assessment of the selected pipeline routing is described in ESIA reports.

Examples of route surveys:

Last update 27.01.2014